Lost data that may be better than gold

Michelle Helliwell, Librarian

In the daily course of my job I come across alot of interesting links, interesting ideas, interesting pieces of information. But somethings go beyond interesting to (please excuse the colloquialism) just plain cool. A link that was given to me today is just such a one.

Life in a Town Without Poverty showcases a research project from rural Manitoba where a control group of citizens were guaranteed a reasonable living income.  Because of the interest rate crisis of the late 1970′s, the project was abandoned, and the data never analyzed until Dr. Evelyn Forget took it up, wanting to understand the relationship between poverty and health status.

What did she find? In a nutshell, she found that people in the control group were healthier and used the healthcare system less. In particular, there were less incidents of accidents (and injuries as a result) and less mental illness. Go figure.

I hope someone does a study on the relative cost of the use of these services against that $17 million dollars…


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