What’s your Picture of Health?


The Population Health Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of people working in healthcare. We understand some of the monumental challenges facing our system. Some of the answers to those challenges are found within healthcare. But we also know that just as many answers lie outside of it. There is no amount of healthcare that can fix people whose health is impacted by poverty, stress, lack of access to safe places to sleep. Affordable healthy food, safe communities, fun places to play and learn, and a clean environment all affect our health too. And we need to ask ourselves – as citizens, parents, healthcare workers, farmers, teachers, and business people, what we have the ability to do that might make our lives and our communities to live a healthful life. What’s a small change we can make that can affect someone’s health for the better?

We hope this site can be a resource for you to start conversations, ask some questions and try out new ideas that might help transform our picture of health.


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    September 14, 2015

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    September 14, 2015

    This is the second part of Heather Howard’s answers to our five questions about poverty. Heather works with Hampers for Health. Heather speaks about poverty from a very personal perspective.

    What are some of the changes you’d like to see – from a policy perspective, from a community perspective?

    I think low income housing needs [...]