What’s your Picture of Health?

The Population Health Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of people working in healthcare. We understand some of the monumental challenges facing our system. Some of the answers to those challenges are found within healthcare. But we also know that just as many answers lie outside of it. There is no amount of healthcare that can fix people whose health is impacted by poverty, stress, lack of access to safe places to sleep. Affordable healthy food, safe communities, fun places to play and learn, and a clean environment all affect our health too. And we need to ask ourselves – as citizens, parents, healthcare workers, farmers, teachers, and business people, what we have the ability to do that might make our lives and our communities to live a healthful life. What’s a small change we can make that can affect someone’s health for the better?

We hope this site can be a resource for you to start conversations, ask some questions and try out new ideas that might help transform our picture of health.


10 comments to What’s your Picture of Health?

  • Amy

    Hi there,

    My name is Amy MacNeil and I am a Student Practical Nurse in my first year of practice. Seeing this video really opened my eyes to the BIG picture. After watching this video i reflected on my own thoughts and realized that this is why i chose to become a nurse, to help and support client’s who are willing to help themselves to live a better life. This video really moved me and I just wanted to let you all know that you did an amazing job. When Diana’s nurse at the last said something about treating the patient and understanding them and not treating them as just their “diagnoses” was the most moving and eye opening part of the video. GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks so much for your kind words Amy! Understanding that connection is vital – we all want to be treated as people:) Good luck on your studies and all the best in your career!

  • Natalie Moody


    A collegue forwarded me the link to your video. I would like to congratulate your team on this great video. The personal stories were very interesting and capativated my attention from beginning to end. A great way to tell the story of population health in action.

  • melissa

    I have just recently finished the LPN program and while on internship a nurse manager mentioned this site. I was moved by the videos and the stories that touch so close to home. I have been popping on ever since to read a headline here and there and will continue to do so. Great job and please continue to keep us informed :)

  • Dan Doherty

    This is an absolutely amazing and powerful group of videos!!


  • bhreagh lafitte

    This was really touching and it really did broaden my perspective on health and the community. I think everyone should watch this; it really makes you want to change your behaviour to become more selfless and get more involved with helping others.

  • Da würde ich doch glatt vermuten, dass dieser Artikel
    “Redefine. Rebuild. Reconnect.” glatt von mir verfasst wurde so exzellent wie der geschrieben
    ist. Alle Daumen nach oben und weiterhin viel Erfolg weiter so
    in Zukunft!

  • Hi Friend, Your article and your blog is realy great for this topic, It’s wonderful article. Thanks for share.

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